Kitchen Ideas

Modern Blues

“Modern Blues” offers a unique and easy-to-use kitchen for city dwellers who love to entertain.

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KOHLER craftsmanship and modern technology come together in a fitting combination focused on the efficient use of space.

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Six Kitchen Planning Myths

Our design professionals have some real-world examples to help keep your project on track and make sure your kitchen dream becomes a reality。

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The Work Triangle Design for Living

No matter what shape your kitchen’s in…chances are there is a triangle at its heart. And if there’s not, there should be!

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Conquer Kitchen Clutter

Looking for the secret to easier cleanup, clearing away clutter and getting your kitchen organized once and for all?

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Find Your Kitchen’s Focal Point

Getting started on a room is as simple as determining the space's primary emphasis or focal point。

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How to Shop for Kitchen Sinks

Our wide assortment offers a variety of sizes and configurations so you can create a functional space that will look beautiful for years to come.

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How to Shop for Kitchen Faucets

We blend stunning design with steadfast performance to create KOHLER® kitchen faucets.

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Innovations & Design

Designing a comfortable, tailored space that captures your individual style couldn’t be easier with KOHLER® collections.

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Building For Less the Green Kitchen

A green-built kitchen can save a lot of money, cutting water, energy and product replacement costs。

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7 Ideas for a Colorful Kitchen

Check out these creative thought starters that make bringing color to the kitchen a piece of cake。

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Efficiency and Elegance

When it comes to kitchens, good looks and efficiency needn’t be mutually exclusive。

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Home Design Kitchen - The Ultimate Kitchen

There are a few principles that apply specifically to those that can be considered truly great.

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Why Kohler Stainless Steel Sinks

This classic material is not only practical, it’s also extremely versatile.

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Functional Beauty Reconsidering the Kitchen Sink

To see how efficient the modern kitchen has become, look no further than the once-humble kitchen sink.

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Reconsidering the Kitchen Faucet

It’s easy to find a faucet that will beautify your kitchen and make your prep and cleanup tasks easier。

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Cooking like a Pro

Manufacturers have responded to the demand for efficient, professional-style kitchens previously only available to professional restaurateurs.

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The Pale Neutral Kitchen Trend

Kitchens built around whispers of barely-there color are calming and tranquil。

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