Showering Faucets

Our showering tastes are as varied as our personalities. Whether you need a brisk wakeup rinse before work, a full-on therapeutic shower after a weekend of physical activity or a mere slice of precious personal time, KOHLER® showering components give you everything you need to rejuvenate.

Exquisite Surfaces
PVD coating technology creates blemish-free surfaces in an array of finishes for durable and vibrant fixtures for your shower space.

Exceptionally durable finish. Certified by the Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test, KOHLER’s advanced PVD coating technology results in a vibrant finish that is corrosion- and scratch-resistant.

Flipstream®Multifunction Spray
Flipside®showerheads and handshowers bring you four distinct showering sensations, each with its own dedicated sprayface, on your choice of three unique models.
Back to Nature
Cascading water gently soothes with the calming therapy that takes you back to nature’s best.
Personalized Design
Simple Installation
The intelligent spool system is easy to install and minimizes damage to your shower walls, maintaining your shower space in pristine condition.
Personalized Design
Natural Therapy
Body sprays come with nozzles adjustable to different angles and various spray flows to offer a renewing massage inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.
People Oriented
Easy to Clean
Easily wipe away mineral buildup from the durable silicone sprayface.
Spa Sensation
Aerated drops of water gently soothe in every shower.
Katalyst Air Induction Technology
Shower Out Loud
The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker delivers up to seven hours of music, news and more by pairing wirelessly with your device enabled with Bluetooth® technology. Just you + water + clean, clear sound.
Wireless Bluetooth®
Digital Thermostatic Interface
Turn your shower into a spa-like retreat with DTV®, an advanced digital platform that wraps water, sound, light and steam together in a seamless and totally customizable system - all controlled with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Eliminate the multiple levers and knobs of a custom manual shower and design a clean, uncluttered shower space with a digital showering solution.
Thermostatic Valves
You can rest assured our digital and manual thermostatic valves not only support each component with a steady temperature and water flow but also give you complete, easy-to-navigate command of your showering space.
Constant Temperature
Greener World
According to LEED standards, efficient water-saving features achieve more than 30% reduction in water use while maintaining exceptional performance.
Ensuring Protection Durable materials without lead provide a safe environment free from hazardous substances
Top-quality Materials
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