Shower Doors

Showering should be as much about relaxation as it is about hygiene。 KOHLER showering solutions give you the flexibility to customize your showering experience with precision-crafted shower doors that are innovatively designed and constructed with premium, long-lasting materials。 Add a steam feature for extra luxury。 KOHLER provides you with a wide array of options for both new and existing homes。

Elegant Design

• Design inspirations from Europe and America

• Compatible with other KOHLER bath products

Premium Quality

Premium materials and technology, professional workmanship and rigorous testing procedures ensure your safety and comfort。

Wide Array of Styles

• Choose from standard shower enclosures and a wide variety of pivot and sliding shower doors, or customize a shower enclosure to meet your particular needs.

• Select your preferred type of glass and coating.

Premium Materials
Innovative Design
Artistic Design
Architectural-Grade Tempered Glass
• All KOHLER shower doors feature automotive-grade tempered glass certified by Kitemark, S-Mark and SGCC
• Tempered glass is carefully selected from several leading brands.
• KOHLER tempered glass exceeds national standard for fragmentation test:
Fragmentation Test Thickness Standard Result (The Safety Glazing Council © 
Kohler Tempered Glass 6mm GB15763.2-2005 ≥ 80pieces
Industry Standard 6mm GB5763.2-2005 ≥ 40pieces

*The safety rating of tempered glass is proportional to the number of fragments resulting when shattered。

Durable Brass Construction
• Hinges have passed 200,000 rounds of open-and-close testing.
• Out-of-plumb adjustability (adjustable by 65 mm) allows for easy installation.
Quality Materials
• KOHLER shower doors use aluminum that exceeds the AA (American Aluminum) standard of 6063.
• High aluminum content ensures a glossy surface free of pinholes and dents.
• Padded aluminum with a maximum thickness of 2.6 mm performs well under pressure.
• Stainless steel handles ensure strength and durability.
• Handles also serve as a convenient towel bar.
• Wheels with high-quality stainless steel bearings and imported engineering resin make the panel glide smoothly and quietly.
• Quality PVC seals effectively prevent leakage
• Ultra-thick finish on hinges prevents corrosion and rusting.
Hardware Type of Test KOHLER Industry Standard
Polished Aluminum Profile 16-Hour Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test ≥ Grade 10 ≥ Grade 9
Spray-Painted Polished Aluminum Profile Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test ≥150 Hours ≥ 120 Hours
Brass Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test ≥72 Hours ≥ 24 Hours
Stainless Steel Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test ≥96 Hours ≥ 24 Hours

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