Commercial Water-Saving Products

Whether you’re specifying plumbing products that help buildings earn LEED water-efficiency points, reduce facility operating costs or accommodate the preferences of homeowners, environmentally conscious KOHLER Commercial helps you to address the challenging demands of your customers。 When you choose exceptional KOHLER commercial products, you are providing your customers with water-saving solutions that contribute to the overall sustainability picture。

Dual Sensor System
First used in:
STEWARDTM Eco 0。5L Touchless Urinal
Distinctive Dual Sensor System
Dual Sensor
Conductivity sensor detects presence of urine or other liquid, while microwave sensor detects the movement of the user. Dual sensor system ensures reliable and accurate flushing.
Microwave Sensor:
Detects movement of the user with high accuracy compared to traditional infrared sensors, reducing false actuation

Conductivity Sensor:
Prevents flushing until it detects the presence of urine or other liquid
Position Sensitive Device
Highly accurate sensor reduces false actuation
The KOHLER PSD delivers precise targeting regardless of room brightness, clothing colors or skin tones. Flushing is activated once the user is within the Device Activation Zone as some of the emitted sensor light will be reflected back to the sensor.
First used in:
PSD Urinal Sensor: K-8881T
PSD provides more reliable and accurate flushing performance than infrared sensor technology.
With sensing similar to that of an autofocus camera, PSD senses the true distance of an object in relationship to the infrared eye.
PSD is sensitive to all colors, including black, with fewer false actuations due to variations in clothing or skin color。
Reduced false actuation due to light and reflections。
PVD Vibrant Finish for Life
Hybrid Energy System
The KOHLER Hybrid Energy System was honored with the Successful Design Award. It is a first-of-its kind 30-year power solution for sensor faucets. When combined with InsightTM technology, this system provides an environmentally-friendly, virtually maintenance-free electronic faucet. It could be compatible with AC sensor faucets, with simple installation.

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